Ashes Ashes
a podcast about the end of the world
3 days ago

Ep 83 - Collapse Chat: Love, Life, and Salmon

a step back from depressing news

10 days ago

Ep 82 - Cash Out

money money money

17 days ago

Ep 81 - This Is Not a Place of Honor

splitting atoms and opinions

24 days ago

Ep 80 - The Nuclear Option

it's a strong force

a month ago

Ep 79b - Death Dealers - Part II

there's always more death

a month ago

Ep 79 - Death Dealers

the business of suffering

a month ago

Ep 78 - Grounded

buckle up, turbulence ahead

2 months ago

Ep 77 - Coping with Collapse

despair, action, and the end of the world

2 months ago

Ep 76 - Self-made

building a better world ourselves

2 months ago

Ep 75 - Business. School.

intro to academics