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2 months ago

Ep 74 - Eco-lapse

updates from the IPBES Global Assessment

Episode 74 - "Eco-lapse"

The IPBES Global Assessment summary is out and we're digging in to all 39 pages this week. The report lays out a grim picture of our current world in terms of life on earth, the ecosystems they create, and our relationship with them that our civilization as we know it depends upon. While not the full 1500+ page report due out later this year, this study is perhaps the most important look at the state of our world that we've ever seen - and if we don't act quickly to fix the problems it so clearly exposes, then nothing less than very the future of humanity may be at risk.


  • 4:07 "The IPBES report findings on biodiversity, ecosystem services, agriculture, and more"
  • 30:23 Indigenous and Marginalized People
  • 54:02 What Can We Do?

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