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24 days ago

Ep 80 - The Nuclear Option

it's a strong force

Episode 80 - "The Nuclear Option"

It has threatened to start wars and it has (arguably) finished them; its effects and influences can be found throughout our world today; it has nearly limitless power for creation and destruction; and according to some people it may be our only hope. This week (and the next one too) we are digging deep into the controversial world of nuclear power generation. Over the course of two episodes we'll explore the basics of this technology (which is coincidentally where most other podcasts and videos seem to stop) and go from there to really truly explore the pros and the cons - including plenty that you've probably never considered. Is this technology our best hope for a carbon free future? Or is it another example of too many promises and technological optimism clouding out the realities of our situation?

All this and more in a special two part series on everything nuclear power.


  • 01:47 Nature First
  • 09:07 The Atomic Age
  • 12:18 Controversy
  • 15:01 The Strong Nuclear Force
  • 25:44 Types of Reactors
  • 38:43 LFTR
  • 48:53 Lives saved?
  • 58:34 Climate Change Prep
  • 1:04:40 Unaccounted Damage
  • 1:09:10 Nuclear CO2 Emissions?

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