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2 months ago

Ep 70 - Thinner Ice

climate change and the arctic sea ice

Episode 70 - "Thinner Ice"

New reports find the Arctic to be the warmest it's been in millennia, and complex feedback loops mean this warming could continue unabated for decades to come. While the Arctic may feel like a distant place far removed from the concerns of daily life to many of us, the connections between melting sea ice, global ocean currents, and local weather patterns mean that the effects of a warmer Arctic are closer to home than we realize. It's cooler than cool this week as we discuss enthalpy of fusion, albedo, exploding methane in Siberia, and what it all might mean for our future.


  • 07:56 Ice formation and the link to the world's oceans
  • 10:13 Albedo
  • 14:55 How are we connected to the Arctic?
  • 24:08 Enthalpy of Fusion?? Also the Blue Ocean Event
  • 31:25 Arctic opening: shipping, militaries, and ticks
  • 42:49 Permafrost
  • 50:00 What can we do?

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