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2 months ago

Ep 75 - Business. School.

intro to academics

Episode 75 - "Business. School."

The past few decades has seen explosive growth in the number of universities around the world, but it may not be for the noble reasons we would like. Decreased public funding, and new conceptions of universities as engines for economic growth has spurred an intensity of competition for student fees. This shift may help explain rising trends in managerialism, over-quantification of students and researchers, commodification of education, and an 'amenities arms race.' Not to mention staggering student debt, elitism, college admission scandals, and whole countries in protest. Will we be able to turn this failing grade around, or will class be dismissed?


  • 05:38 Speaking of Universities
  • 17:58 Dystopian Future of Universities
  • 20:53 Bolsonaro Assaults Education
  • 33:36 U.S. Education Scandals
  • 38:46 Managerialism and Quantification
  • 47:56 Student Debt; Predatory For-Profit Schools; Competition
  • 56:47 What Can We Do?

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