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2 months ago

Ep 71 - The Mean, Big Green, Corporate Machine

greenwashing, climate change, and all of us

Episode 71 - "The Mean, Big Green, Corporate Machine"

The world may be burning, but more and more companies are giving us green alternatives to our favorite products so we can continue to shop and consume the same way we always have, but without hurting the Earth - or so they would like us to believe. Greenwashing, the practice of making bad things seem environmentally friendly, has run rampant across the shelves of our favorite stores and even carried over to the actions of companies, NGOs, and nations themselves. Is there any hope to the allure of shopping in an environmentally friendly way? What are the greatest greenwashing sins occurring right now? Is there any hope outside of radical change if we want to save the Earth? We think you probably know the answers to these questions, but join us this week as we explore all this and much more in our dive into the mean, green, corporate machines of the world.

Special thanks to fans of the show, The Matching Shoe, for the outro track "Pickin' Up Speed." Be sure to check out their new album!


  • 04:35 Big Green
  • 22:44 The Seven Sins
  • 48:59 The Economy vs The Environment
  • 1:07:34 What can we do?

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