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10 days ago

Ep 82 - Cash Out

money money money

Episode 82 - "Cash Out"

South Korea is eliminating coins and requiring shoppers to upload their cash receipts to a digital database; Indians are still reeling from a 2016 decision that turned 86% of the country's cash worthless in a matter of hours; migrants and refugees are being targeted for new schemes of financial inclusion, but not experiencing the promised benefits; US cities are retaliating against cash-only retailers eager to speed the flow of customers, increase spending, and surveil our every purchase while excluding undesirable demographics; and despite our technological proficiencies, fiction writers 500 years ago still had more creative solutions to our money woes.

It seems like a straight-forward topic and yet we still manage to ramble off script.


  • 09:08 The Age of Cashless
  • 16:30 Resisting
  • 21:11 Ancient Wisdom
  • 25:56 India Demonetization
  • 35:32 Refugee Services
  • 47:54 Migrants and Music Festivals
  • 51:37 The High Cost of Banking
  • 58:19 The Psychology of Cashless
  • 1:06:01 Surveillance and Control

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