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Ep 78 - Grounded

buckle up, turbulence ahead

Episode 78 - "Grounded"

Sweeping deregulation of the Airline industry in 1978 brought big changes to air travel. Lower prices, more routes, and consolidation of the market allowed for regional hub-and-spoke models of logistics and greater access to air travel with the associated massive surge in passengers. Now, with the current climate crisis and an industry responsible for 10% of US GHG emissions, we may be suffering from success.

What does the future hold for a business sensitive to many different climate factors? What is the responsibility we each have for our own transportation choices? Will carbon credits or fuel efficient technology save us? And what might we expect for the future of air travel? All this and more on Episode 78 - Grounded.


  • 4:32 MAX 8
  • 15:37 Regulation
  • 25:35 Jevon
  • 31:39 The Climate Crisis
  • 44:43 Centralization & Shocks
  • 52:51 Limited Dreams
  • 1:07:45 Grounding
  • 1:11:26 More Jevon
  • 1:14:33 The Future
  • 1:20:58 Slowdown

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