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3 months ago

Ep 68 - Mask Off

facing down technology

Episode 68 - "Mask Off"

Half of all US Citizens have their faces in a database that can be searched by facial-tracking software, and the slow creep of surveillance technology means more of us are being watched and analyzed by AI face-detection cameras, often without us knowing, and almost always without our consent. So what are some of the ways companies and governments deploy these technologies today? What are the limits and blind spots to these systems? More importantly, what can and does go wrong when we choose to outsource human recognition to automated computers?


  • 03:21 Implementations
  • 11:25 Landlords, Churches, Hotels, and Schools - Oh My!
  • 23:30 Technology Creep
  • 31:29 Potential for Abuse
  • 37:24 Ridiculous Ideas
  • 41:43 Failures and Blind Spots
  • 48:43 Irrevocable Consequences
  • 55:25 Aiding Selective Enforcement
  • 1:05:41 Fighting Back
  • 1:15:01 Daniel moving to Boston?

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